Monday, 3 May 2010

I've been lost in the wilderness somewhere...but now I'm back!

Good morning! And, it really is just that.....4:04am when I started this entry! It's the "oooh-pooh-it's-Sunday-night-I've-got-work-tomorrow-and-can't-sleep" syndrome (except it was actually Monday night as it's a bank holiday in the UK).

Well, I've not been on here for a's a long story, so, basically I won't bore everyone with it. I would rather talk about positive, healthy and happy things, so.....

The Murder Mystery evening was really really good! I guessed who the murderer was which is amazing for me as I'm usually a bit rubbish at being a super sleuth! I adapted my outfit (which really was a leotard and fishnets!) by adding some strategically placed tassels and it was fun. Even the photos don't look too bad! I will post one on here when I'm feeling brave enough :-)

My 40th birthday came and went. I had a fabulous time and got thoroughly spoilt with lots of beautiful gifts. I feel very lucky to have such wonderful family and friends. I won't lie however, I'm still in a disgusting sulk about turning 40. As I said before, it's not because I think it's old but more about how I overweight, unfit etc.

One gift for my birthday was a subscription to Zest magazine. It's really good! Loads of health, fitness and diet tips, and most of the articles I could relate to helping me. I guess what I'm trying to say is it's a great magazine for fitness of all levels. There is an arm toning workout in there which I have decided to try twice a week. It only takes around 15 minutes so I think it will easily fit into my routine.

Secondly, there were some tips on burning calories and toning when you don't feel you have enough hours in the day. One fabulous tip I came across......whilst teeth-brushing in the mornings/evenings, do some plies or leg lunges! I've been doing it and it's great! I can really feel it in my legs and it really is a time-saver.

For one reason or another I've not really lost any weight since I last blogged in March (I am going to try and blog weekly from now on and not leave it so long next time by the way), however, I have been exercisiing which has certainly helped with toning etc.

I have re-discovered ballroom dancing again. I always did it as a kid and have joined a class again! It's also run by my old dance teacher which is fab, and what's more, there are a few ladies at the class who I know from my childhood when dancing. It's really nice to rediscover old friendships.

I'm having a bit of a problem this week regarding, any advice would be good. Here's the situation. I've had to stop eating dairy products for a while (I won't bore anyone with the details of why, but I keep getting a rash). I can live with drinking soya milk and I can even live with no chocolate. However.....I am a "savoury person", so my naughty treats often revolve around cheese! Oh my goodness....I MISS CHEESE! Obviously the positive thing is it will be great for my weight loss and cholesterol so I really shouldn't be complaining, but I wonder if anyone has any ideas for a healthy substitute snack? I tried the non-dairy cheese this weekend....YUK YUK YUK...AND YUK AGAIN! Any suggestions of alternative savoury (non dairy) snacks will be gratefully received.

Ok, so, my aims for this week: I am going to try and track down an adult tap dancing class. It's fabulous for your legs apparently and with dancing, I'm exercising but it's sociable and enjoyable, which is key for me. I get bored with the same old routine at the's monotonous and lonely at times. I think it's so important to find an exercise that is enjoyable so it doesn't actually feel like exercise. So...tap dancing it is....I will let you know how I get on.

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